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2016 Senior Honor Banquet

We are vey excited to be celebrating our 10th year of honoring the graduating Seniors of TeensEDGE and their Parents. The Senior Honor Banquet has become one of the highlights throughout the year, mainly to see who will be chosen that year’s Golden Chuck Award Winner. This award is given to the most outstanding teen dedicated in their service and walk to the Lord Jesus. What a blessing to see each one of the past winners and graduating seniors continuing in that same walk and service to Jesus as they enter their young adult lives. We have no greater joy than to hear that the youth of TeensEDGE have grown, matured and are walking in the Truth.


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2016. May you continue to walk upright and humbly before your God.

Stay tuned to see who will be this year’s winner of the Golden Chucks.

Be Blessed.
Eternally Dedicated God Equipped
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